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This is probably my first official post about sports. Watching tonight’s game reminds me of the last time I regularly watched basketball: back in high school when I thought Vlade Divac’s first name rhymed with “blade.” Yep, it’s been a while. But I’m not used to watching in this time zone, these games go so […]

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Celtics and Lakers

My eldest son came home with a notice: School Spirit Day is Friday, June 6 so wear your Celtics clothes. But, that would be odd since I root for the Lakers. I root for the Red Sox, the Patriots, but I can’t bring myself to root for the Celtics, having grown up during the Magic […]

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Previous to moving east, I’d not heard this word used to describe a person. I’d heard it in used for people’s overly styled hair but not a person’s views or lifestyle. I think that it’s usually used in reference to someone who is environmentally aware, politically active and “granola.” Though I don’t think I can […]

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Saturday e had a “not in LA” experience. Leaving the neighborhood park with the kids, he saw a familiar face playing softball: our mail carrier. He sees e and says, “Hey Enoch.” Do all mail carriers know the people on their route that well? Apparently it was a bunch of postal workers playing each other. […]

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the Sox, the weather & birds

I’ve added a new category: New England. Mostly because this post has little to do with the other categories. We’ve lived here long enough to learn a few things. (1) The Red Sox do well early in the season, fizzle out and let the Yankees take the division title. And 2004 doesn’t count. (2) People […]

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