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an “A” for learning

I wonder, is it taboo to talk about learning while enjoying the first days of summer vacation? Despite the urge to power down the brain for the summer, I can’t help but think about learning. I am not an expert in teaching or the methods of acquiring knowledge but I have discovered the what I’ve […]

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is this blog dead?

Last month, we were prompted by our web hosting service that it was time to renew our account. We paid to keep this space alive, just barely alive. I seem to have this approach to a number of responsibilities in my life. The once lush grass is being taken over by crabgrass and assorted weeds. […]

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training week–a typical day for the rest of us

After I posted the training week schedule, I thought should also share a typical day for the kids and I. Our days are far less structured, though we still have lessons and activities to do. The best description would be that I’m conducting a week of homeschooling for the kids on the topic of missions. […]

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If you wouldn’t say it, don’t abbreviate it.

This post is not about the morality of swearing, course humor, or crass expressions. This post is about personal integrity and consistency. I’m talking about people who say it’s wrong to swear or use crass words, but then go on to use such words in their emails, tweets, posts, and text messages. I know many […]

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Has she left him yet?

Several months ago, I sat in Starbucks doing my work. I could not help but overhear a conversation at the table next to me. The first person shared about a mutual friend they had whose husband became an alcoholic. At one point both people wondered aloud, “Has she left him yet? No? Why not?” I […]

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this bit of Sweden feels like China

It sounds strange but as we interface with more people from the camp, it reminds me of my time in China. I don’t speak Chinese and I think that those I meet expect me to. Also, if they speak another language it would be their Nordic one. So like my experience in China, I use […]

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conscripted labor and commentary

Look at that. If you get someone else to write the posts, they keep rolling in. We watched a documentary as a family (this doesn’t happen often). E’s been wanting to see Waiting for Superman for a while and we finally did. Kian watched the animated graphs and then asked to play Settlers. Owen was […]

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Lausanne Day 2 – lunch

The main plenary and “multiplex” sessions of Lausanne started today. We are studying through the book of Ephesians. In our Table Groups, we share observations and application insights with one another. It was a great time. (Please see my previous post for a description of the different folks in my group.) Presenters then shared on […]

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quickly, quickly.

A couple of conversations around here has made me think about a few things: (1) how quickly the days slip by, (2) how quickly my family is growing/aging, (3) how technology moves faster than both. Conversation A: By accident, O kicks over my old tower PC. E: Hey! Don’t knock over that computer! O: That’s […]

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The past month has been quite a drastic change. The beginning of a new school year is just as much work for me as it is for the kids. With all the things that are going on, (school events, Cub Scouts, packing lunches, shuttling from place to place, my womens’ bible study, appointments with people, […]

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