about us

A few of you may have stumbled upon this page wondering who is this “karenoch.” Allow us to share some info about us. karenoch is a partnership between e and k–and the kids that have joined us along the way. We maintain this site to update our family, friends and the curious googler about our lives.

k is mother and household manager by day, webmaster and family PR agent by night. She confesses to have allowed others to put her in a trash can, put her head through the lid opening and having her photo taken. These days, she finds guilty pleasure in culling the supermarket ads for bargains.

e is a congregation pastor/elder by day, bather of little ones by night. In the past was known for wacky things like getting a S.W.A.T. team called on him and serenading with the song “If I were a butterfly.” e has tamed his antics to making comments that he finds to be hilarious–whether or not you agree.

Though there is much more to know about us, our first priority is our relationship with God. Besides nurturing a marriage and children, we are in the business of helping others know Jesus Christ better.