What’s for dinner?

I can’t count the number of hours I spend thinking about food. I enjoy cooking and the “mmmm” of a good meal but that’s not why I spend so much time thinking about food. My top reason: I must feed my family.

Growing up, I didn’t eat out much. We certainly had our share of fast food but more often than not, Mom would cook for us. I think my family has a genetic aversion to spending money. Eating out as a family of five was too costly. Mom would cook for us with the produce Dad grew and we would save money.

As e would spend time with me and my family, he would notice something. Right after planning, cooking, eating and cleaning up a meal, my parents would start the process all over again for the next meal. Once the lunch was complete, my dad’s next words were, “What’s for dinner?” (With his accent it sounded more like, “Whas fo dee-nah?”) We were not hungry, mind you. We must feed the family.

Healthy or not, a lot of that has carried into how I feed my own husband and kids. I complain about the work and lack of inspiration. (Does anyone else out feel uninspired just before meal time?) But I can’t help but want to cook meals for my family. Yes, it does save us money but I’d rather cook than struggle with the decision of picking a restaurant or place for take out. And will we have enough veggies? Will it be too salty? Can we count on the food arriving at the table in time to fend off low blood sugar crankiness? What if the delivery guy gets lost and our food gets cold?

Mom will cook for us. And after lunch we will say, “What’s for dinner?”

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