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We are experiencing something new around here: having only one kid in the house. Kids number two and three are spending 4 weeks with their grandparents. The story of why they are there is a bit involved. The quick version is that they are getting treatment for their allergies–in southern California while also getting spoiled silly. Kid number one is home with us attending Project Destiny. He’s having a great time as well. (Don’t tell kids 2 and 3 but he’s getting more video game time and ice cream as well.)

Heading into the summer, we tried to figure out the best way for the five of us to keep in touch. Thanks to quite a bit of hand-me-down technology, we were able to set up everyone up with a device to text messages to the family. I will admit I was skeptical at first but it has turned out to be a fun way to update each other. Mixed in with the loving insults and occasional toilet humor, we are actually keeping in touch. One kid will share details of his day freely while another might need some prompting. One kid is more sarcastic than the others (ok, they are all sarcastic). My favorite text of late was, “Run really fast into my fist.” It shouldn’t surprise me that this is a new arena of expression for each personality. It’s both hilarious and endearing.

We are at the mid-point of this 4 week situation. I’m looking forward to having a full house again but I might miss those text messages.

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