house still standing after roasting marshmallows with six boys

Alternate title: celebrating Evan’s 11th birthday

Last weekend, we had a low-key birthday celebration for Evan’s 11th birthday. He invited a few friends over for dinner, roasted marshmallows and general boy silliness. I’m so proud/relieved that six boys age 11 and under were able to simultaneously roast marshmallows without burning down the house. Unfortunately, the marshmallows didn’t enjoy the same fate as the house. The boys had a good time and hopefully made some memories.

I should also note that e returned safely from his mission trip to Sweden. He hasn’t had much down time since the trip but hopefully he can share some thoughts at some point. It was his last trip in this capacity for now and leaving Sweden felt different from previous years.

Summer is halfway over. This is the last week of Project Destiny. Evan’s really enjoyed himself and he’s begun the transition into youth ministry. He’s started attending Friday fellowship and will be going to Summer Teen Conference. At the same time, e is transitioning out of youth ministry. We are so glad that Calvin is now the Student Ministry Director. Not because it takes responsibilities off e’s plate but that the youth and college ministries will be in the capable hands of someone who can dedicate his full time and attention to them.

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