Ah yes, Sweden

Dear friends & family,

Thanks for those who have taken interest in my ministry in Sweden. Many have asked for ways to pray for me and others from my church who have come to serve alongside our Nordic brothers and sisters. Here are some requests/updates:

– Training Week complete; thank the Lord. I have given 5 sermons plus about 4 additional hours of training content for the past week. I’m thankful my voice held out (as I was sick), and that it seems like people were aided by the material
– Pray for my remaining 11 sermons. I am preaching 1-2 times a day for the rest of our time at the Summer Camp. Pray that the Bible would impact people’s lives in a positive way for Christ.
– Pray for my family. I miss them, and I am grateful that friends have looked in on them and for Karen taking care of all three boys by herself.
– Pray for my mixture of emotions. I am so grateful for the privilege of returning to partner with and befriend many folks here. We still have over one week left in this trip, but I do not have plans to return next year. So this may be the last time I fellowship with most of these people in this life. May God remind me of the hope in Heaven where we can continue to fellowship.
– Pray that people would know and experience God more, that they may respond in love, obedience, and holiness.

Thanks for reading and for praying!

Avesta, Sweden

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