hey did we mention Sweden?

Hi friends!

I’m popping in to ask for prayer as e is away on another mission trip. This time he is in Sweden training, speaking and ministering to the Chinese from Nordic countries. This trip is very much like the last couple trips. If you didn’t hear about them before, this post will give you quick overview of what e is doing there. This is his second full day in training. Please pray for him as he came down with a cold or flu on the trip over. Hopefully, he will have an opportunity to share how things are going and what he’s been up to in Sweden.

This year’s mission trip to Sweden has one notable change: the kids and I stayed home. We loved our trips to Sweden and the people we met so we are a bit sad about it. At the same time we were excited. You see, this year Evan is attending Project Destiny. If you’ve kept up with our family at all in the past decade, you’ll know that Project Destiny (PD) has been a big part of our lives. Officially and unofficially, directly and indirectly, e and I have supported PD for most of our time in Boston. It is a summer day camp for middle schoolers, serving the community right around our church. It is often the first contact these kids have with BCEC, God and the Bible. We are so excited and feel honored that we get to send our soon-to-be middle schooler to PD. I think that Evan feels the same way after just a couple days.

me: How was PD today?
Evan: (deadpan) Good.
me: What was good?
Evan: (still deadpan) Everything.
me: So are you looking forward to tomorrow?
Evan: (deadpan shrug) I guess.

Can’t you feel the excitement? Joking aside, he’s having a great time. (But that is exactly the conversation I had with him.) We are looking forward to what God will do this summer.

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