processing, processing

What a week we’ve been through. Our family watched many hours of tv covering the bombings, manhunt and eventual arrest. There is a small amount of relief in the apprehension of a suspect. Lots of questions remain about the event. Perhaps in time, we will get answers.

E and I have been pondering how people have responded to the events. E pointed out that there are two types of sound bites you’ll hear about a person accused of a crime: (1) expressions of disbelief, “I had no idea he/she was capable of that. He/she was so nice.” (2) chagrin at missing the signs, “We should have seen that coming. He/she was a troubled person.” Do we really know people as well as we think? Are we making assumptions? We also have mixed feelings about cheering on the capture of a criminal. Of course we are glad that some measure of justice will be served but are we self-righteous in our condemnation? Even one of the kids asked me if a terrorist can ever be good. I don’t doubt God’s goodness but I wonder how God’s justice can work with our human sense of justice. All of us, we are processing, processing, processing. May we do it prayerfully and guided by God’s truth.

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