the slow ascent

Hello. I am laughing to myself about the tone of peace and calm from the last post. I certainly don’t feel that today!

We are in conference/retreat/travel season around here. From now until the end of March at least one member of the family will have attended two conferences, two retreats, one out of state wedding and one week long family visit. April will allow us to catch our breath so that we can prepare for May when e will be going on a 2+ week missions trip to the Philippines. I feel like we are making the slow ascent on Splash Mountain in preparation for the gut-wrenching fall through the briar patch. Sorry, that’s probably over-dramatic. I should just say we are starting a couple months that will fly by in a blur. We’d love your prayers for our family.

Did I also share here that I will be simultaneously be on a job hunt? Oh yes indeed. Late in the fall, I felt God confirming my calling to be with my family at home while directing me to look for a job. I’m glad that God knows all because I was completely befuddled. I have since given up trying to understand but realize that it’s not impossible–and certainly not impossible with God. Instead I’ve been putting that effort toward obedience: I’ve applied for jobs. The shocking part is that someone out there just might want to hire me. (Ironically, I keep typing “fire” when I mean to type “hire.”) It’s been over a decade since my last job search. This time around as mother seeking employment, it’s far more complicated. Working moms, I have a new appreciation for what you do.

It does feel a bit like the ground is disappearing beneath us and that the fall is sharp and long. Thankfully, God is there reminding us He is always present and ever in control.

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