September brings many changes for us. It is as if someone grabbed my schedule and turned it inside out. All the boys are in elementary school now. There is silence during the day. No one gets to sleep in and we can’t afford to stay up “just a little longer.” I can hear my (very jumbled) thoughts. I actually have the desire to deep clean the house. I feel completely inverted.

Other changes are happening around me. My garden is receding as summer completes it’s transition to fall. My mom moved back home from the hospital. She has fully embraced the challenge of complete recovery from her small stroke. I received my bible study materials for the coming year.

After a week in CA, it was tricky reentering life at home and transitioning to all the changes at once. I wouldn’t say it was overwhelming but it was more like a steadily dripping faucet–low level, persistent, chronic stress. After two weeks, my body called it quits. Shut down. The first sick days of the school year. Thankfully, e was able to manage the kids for a couple days. Leaving him in charge of meals and the kids while I was in CA definitely boosted his domestic self-sufficiency.

I’m well again and am evaluating my inverted life. It could be that I’m approaching a mid-life crisis. Or less dramatically, I could be facing a transition to another season of my life. Whatever happens, I’m praying that God would clearly reveal my next steps.

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