doing well & going home

Well I’m back in MA now. The week with my mom sped by. It was a surprisingly fun and relaxing week spent at the rehab hospital. I got to hang out with Mom and also my relatives who came to visit her. Who would have thought that helping one stroke patient would be easier than taking care of three healthy children?

Mom’s been doing very well with her different therapies. She’s regaining much of the movement on her left side and it seems to be getting stronger each day. Praise God. Of course it’s not nearly as fast as Mom would wish but I’m still grateful that she’s making so much progress. I have passed the baton over to my aunt who will be there for several weeks. The rehab doctors and therapists met and determined that Mom will be discharged on Wednesday.

It’s great that she’ll be home soon. It’s so much more comfortable than a hospital bed. Mom being home will be easier in some respects but will also present some challenges–furniture to be moved, some equipment to be purchased, grab bars installed and just adjusting to a different lifestyle, even if only temporary.

I felt similarly about coming home with a new baby. How would I manage caring for a new baby on my own without nurses on hand and meals that showed up when I was hungry? How was home going to accommodate the changes that happened in my absence? By God’s grace, we all adapted and I pray the same for Mom when she returns home. We would be grateful if you would pray also. Thanks.

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