training week–a typical day for the rest of us

After I posted the training week schedule, I thought should also share a typical day for the kids and I. Our days are far less structured, though we still have lessons and activities to do. The best description would be that I’m conducting a week of homeschooling for the kids on the topic of missions.

We go to meals with everyone else. In between, we have sessions with a lesson, craft, activity or any combination of the above. For example, our lesson and activity this morning was coming up with the groups of people in a missionary’s network and creating a web of those groups with post-its and yarn. A missionary is not sent into the field alone but instead need a lot people to do their work.

One of the goals of the week is to spend time praying for missionaries. We put up a map and have been labeling the missionaries we have prayed for this week. The kids enjoy finding where the missionaries live. It’s pretty amazing to be able to say that we’ve prayed for someone in almost every continent. Not that we are amazing but the fact there is missions work going on all over the world is pretty cool.

I am learning to be flexible not hold to a rigid schedule. Sometimes the kids just need to hang out on the swings, play a card game or chat with their stuffed animals. At the same time, being their teacher requires that I assert “class time” while remembering I am also parenting them. Homeschoolers, you have my respect! It truly is a 24/7 job.

Earlier in the week, we reviewed what a missionary was (someone who shares the Gospel) and how many different ways there are to accomplish that. We talked about pastors and church workers but also that some people just get jobs in different countries. Evan had an “ah ha” moment that summed it up well. He said, “So you just do your normal stuff and share about God while doing it? So every Christian is a missionary.” Exactly.

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