Sweden missions 2012

Hello there. Our family is going on a mission trip to Sweden again this summer.
Missions in Sweden?
Our church has sent missions teams to Sweden for about 7 years. In 2010, Enoch went with our church’s team as a guest preacher. After that visit, the local church invited Enoch to return not only as a guest preacher, but also to provide training for their local church leaders. What started out as a one-time preaching engagement has become a multi-year partnership with the Nordic Chinese Christian Church.
What are you doing there?
Our trip will contain two parts. The first part is called Training Week and the second part is a Summer Camp.
What will we do during Training Week?
During Training Week, Enoch will provide training to equip the leaders to serve in their home churches and prepare for the following week’s camp. Those who attend the training serve as church leaders, counselors, small group leaders, worship leaders and tech team (setting up and operating the AV systems). He will lead about eight hours of training each day.
Karen will spend the first week leading our kids in a one-week missions curriculum. She hopes to challenge them to greater awareness of God’s work around the world. The kids will learn about missions, and also about participating in God’s work as a family.
What will we do during Summer Camp?
During Summer Camp, Enoch will preach about ten times for the English-speaking adult camp. He will also meet individually with participants and leaders. The boys will attend the children’s program. Karen will attend the English-speaking adult sessions. Informally, she plans to be available for conversation and supporting members from BCEC’s mission team.
Why the Nordic Chinese Christian Church?
Young families, single adults and youth are a growing demographic in the Chinese-Nordic church. The churches, which were started by immigrants from Asia, are now trying to reach the Nordic-born Chinese. The Chinese churches in America, like BCEC, have already spent several decades establishing such ministries. We hope that the lessons learned in the US can benefit the Nordic church.
At times, it is hard to imagine that we have anything to offer the Nordic church. They are so full of zeal and love for the Lord. But when they return home, it is difficult to be faithful followers of God. In this region people are skeptical about God and church. Many of the second-generation Chinese drop out of church.
How can you partner with us?
Last year we really felt the need for prayer as we faced long hours of travel, cultural differences and fatigue. As we go this year, we ask for your prayer support. It is the greatest help you can provide for us.

Please pray for:
• safety during the trip
• the local leaders to be encouraged and equipped
• the BCEC team which is joining us for Summer Camp
• our kids to develop a heart for missions

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