Sabbatical Goals #2: REFLECTION (Part 3)

I’m doing a series of entries on my sabbatical goals.

This post concludes my entries on my second sabbatical goal of REFLECTION. I have written about my three primary reflective activities. My first entry was on Scripture reading & prayer. My second entry was on journaling, and verbally sharing. Today, I share about putting into practice the insights I’ve gained from my reflections.

The purpose of reflection must include what to change in the future. I hope to return from sabbatical having some God-given ideas about what needs to change going forward. Some of these ideas I am undecided about. I plan to run these by trusted leaders before doing moving ahead with them. Other ideas have graduated into full blown convictions. I feel I must implement these. May God grant wisdom to put into practice these insights with humility, discernment, and joy.

What are these insights? Some of them relate to my attitudes and work habits. Some of them pertain to healthier ways to think about ministry and family life. Frankly, sabbatical affords ample time to consider how much one falls short in so many ways. But sabbatical also provides time to count one’s blessings and give more thanks to God. I gained a few ideas I want to try in my ministry and leadership teams. I’m also thankful that I generated a goodly list of ideas for potential sermon series. But overall, I gained insights about loving and serving God wherever He puts me.

Next time, I’ll post about my third sabbatical goal of RELATIONSHIPS.

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