eating words

Thanks for the tips and suggestions on my calendar issue. In the end, I realized I needed to have at least a month of appointments on a portable calendar and that I dislike having to enter things in more than once. So e swooped in and set me up with a hand-me-down smartphone that can sync with my google calendar. As much as I didn’t want one, well, here I am with one. I’m certainly grateful and am trying to gracefully eat my words. In the future, I see us needing a way to have a family calendar to keep track of each person’s lessons, appointments, and meetings. For now, my new-to-me phone is working and is making me a saner person.

This month we became a two cub scout family. Then e became, at least on paper, an assistant den leader. As the kids start other activities like sports and music lessons, I feel as if I’m entering my days as a personal driver. It sounds reasonable for one child (one sport, cub scouts, one instrument). But if we multiply by three…hopefully we won’t burn out. Good thing I got my calendar all sorted out.

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