our trip to Sweden

We are just a few weeks away from leaving for our mission trip to Sweden. I shared a bit about it here. Things are shaping up, paperwork has been filed, items are getting ticked off our lists but there is so much more left to do. We’d appreciate prayer as we prepare and also as we go. If you’d like to support us, see more details after the jump.

As we have shared here, our family is going to Sweden for a missions trip in the first half of July. We will spend two weeks with leaders and Christians from Chinese churches in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. By the grace of God and your support, we hope to encourage the Chinese-Nordic church and open our kids’ eyes to the lives of Christians around the world.

Last summer, Enoch went on our church’s mission trip to Sweden. The team was sent from our church, Boston Chinese Evangelical Church (BCEC), to help with the week-long family conference. Upon hearing that a pastor was joining the team, the conference planners asked Enoch to be one of the speakers. There are several tracks at the conference and he spoke to the young adults.

Scandinavia, like much of Europe, is a largely a post-Christian region. Some of these countries have a state church that is Lutheran but people generally have an apathetic attitude toward God. Being a Christian there is difficult and being a Chinese Christian can be even more challenging because there are few.

Last year 300 people attended the entire conference, but less than 20 people attended the young adult sessions. This number is small compared to how many young adults have left the church. It is this struggle to reach the Scandinavian-Born Chinese (SBC) that led the local leaders to invite Enoch back for the next 3 to 5 summers.

This year Enoch will preach at the conference. He’ll also lead a one week training to help strengthen ministry to SBC Christians. Over the next several summers, by God’s grace, we hope Enoch’s training will help to reverse that trend.

Karen and the kids have different roles. The first week, Karen will teaching our kids about missions around the world. We want the boys to understand what missions is and how they can be a part of it. The second week, our kids will attend the children’s program at the conference. Karen will sit in on the young adult sessions, visit the other conference tracks and be a support to BCEC’s Sweden missions team.

As our family prepares for this trip, we there are many huge tasks ahead of us. This is where we could use your help. The best thing you can do for us is to pray. So many needs flash through our minds as we think about all to be done before we leave. We would love it if you could keep us in your thoughts and prayers for the items below.

Please pray for:
1. Preparation for messages and lessons
2. Safe and uneventful travels
3. The kids to be flexible in a new environment
4. Protection against illness & allergies
5. Open eyes and hearts to what God will do and teach us
6. God to build up the Nordic Chinese Churches

Thanks so much! Our family is blessed to have your support!

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