the 31st approaches…

Fall has been sneaking in behind my back. I turned around and suddenly found trees in their orange cloaks. While my back was turned, the crisp air has swept away the searing humidity of summer. Was I not paying attention?

I now find myself facing down the task of creating three costumes for my kids to wear.* Fortunately, Evan’s costume can be assembled with what we’ve already got. O (somewhat) graciously said, “Fine, I’ll wear my costume from last year.” Little k, however, insists upon his idea and he’s been asking for a month. I hesitate to share what it is because…well…I might not be able to pull this one off. I have little time left. That sneaky fall, I blame him for not getting my attention sooner!

*If you are curious, this is my stance on Halloween, the short version.

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