Lausanne Day 3 – sick in bed, Asian Americans

Thanks for reading,
And, if you please,
for praying for me.
Here’s my update for day three.
(Wow, that rhymes. Hee hee.)

Today, our morning plenary sessions were on Ephesians chapter 2, how God took those who were far off and brought them near in Christ. Our thematic session was aptly on reconciliation, a powerful theme from that second chapter of Ephesians. We had some inspiring words and testimonies today as well.

One session was about the Dalits of India under the caste system of Hinduism. Dalits are apparently not technically in the caste system. They are below the lowest caste- the untouchables. We heard a powerful testimony about a Christian ministry reaching out to these so-called untouchables with the love of Christ. In our evening session, we heard testimonies from several brothers and sisters who are HIV positive, and how God is reaching out to those infected with HIV/AIDS with the love of Christ.

In between, I decided to take a nap between lunch and the evening sessions. That helped, but please pray for my health. I still have much coughing, phlegm, and a sore throat. But there are so many people to talk with and get to know.

On that note, we had this informal gathering of the Asian (North) American delegates after the evening plenary session ended at 9:15pm. About 30 of us hung out in a Japanese-Chinese restaurant and had a good time. On one side of my was Tommy Dyo, national director for the Epic Movement by Campus Crusade for Christ. Across from him was Tom Lin, the newly appointed Vice President of Missions and Urbana Director. Tom is also supported by our church’s missions program. I sat across from David Choi, most eligible bachelor and pastor-preacher. And another side of me sat Lisa Sung, professor of systematic theology at Trinity. Those were some fun and productive conversations.

So we heard some great content. Prayed together. I had a nap. And we made some great connections and conversations. All in all, a great day.

Please pray:
1. For my health. I’m trying to get rest, but I think all the talking tonight made me lose my voice.
2. For me to have greater heart for God and His purposes.
3. For kingdom connections and providential conversations to take place during the congress.
4. For my family and church back home in Boston.

Thank you!

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2 Comments on "Lausanne Day 3 – sick in bed, Asian Americans"

  1. Tim
    19/10/2010 at 10:42 pm Permalink

    hey, say hi to dave choi for me, we went to college + seminary together!

  2. mandy
    22/10/2010 at 9:59 pm Permalink

    hi pastor e, it’s been cool reading about your experience in south africa! i’ve looked at the lausanne website – thanks for sharing. praying for you and karen.

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