Lausanne Day 2 – lunch

The main plenary and “multiplex” sessions of Lausanne started today. We are studying through the book of Ephesians. In our Table Groups, we share observations and application insights with one another. It was a great time. (Please see my previous post for a description of the different folks in my group.)

Presenters then shared on the theme of truth, especially in a pluralistic society. We had several break out sessions. In the evenings at Lausanne, different folks will present on the God’s work among the nations through testimonies, drama, and music.

But for me, the most memorable part of the day was when I had lunch with a brother I had never met before. This brother was just sitting down to eat lunch by himself when I saw him. I thought, “Now here’s a guy that looks like I could join for lunch. But I’m sick, coughing, and kinda beat…” But the Lausanne coordinators strongly encouraged us to make the most of our time together. And as my friend John pointed out, we can get the content online later, but we may never be with these people again. So I went up and said, “Hey, wanna have lunch together?” I am so grateful I did.

He is a Canadian delegate named Nate. Nate and I shared our stories, both some good and bad. I appreciated meeting him, and hope to develop our friendship after Lausanne.

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