Lausanne Day 1 – Table Groups & Opening Celebration

Thanks for praying!

Having been in South Africa for several days, I welcomed the start of the actual Lausanne Congress.

Today, at 3:30pm, we met in our Table Groups. Cape Town 2010 is not so much a conference as a working congress. That is, the participants are encouraged to learn from each other, give input in both large and small groups, and engage as much as possible in the discussion. Hence, instead of sitting in rows to listen to presentations, we sit at tables of six.

Here’s a run down of my Table-mates
1. Group Leader: a baptist pastor from Malawi. He is also the General Director for the Malawi Association of Evangelicals.
2. Pastor and missionary from Hungary. This sister has helped plant churches for Hungarians in the Ukraine and in Hungary.
3. Children’s Minister from Nigeria. This brother coordinates and trains up children’s ministry workers.
4. VP of US mobilization for an international missions agency. He’s based in Atlanta.
5. Finally, a sister who is helping lead the women’s movement for Lausanne. She is a gold-engraver by training, but has decades of experience mentoring women, leading breakfast discussions for business women, and serving in churches. She’s from Germany.
6. Oh yeah, there’s a young pastor in a Chinese-heritage church in Boston… that’s me.

We shared a meal together, prayed, and fellowshipped.

The opening celebration was amazing: worshiping together with thousands from almost 200 countries in multiple languages. And the African and South African program that started it all off was pretty inspiring. The celebration included traditional African instruments, dance, and song. But the best part for me was saying the Lord’s Prayer all together in our own languages.

Your kingdom come, your will be done. Amen.

Prayer Requests
1. Please pray for my health. The viral infection I’ve been struggling with for the past 4 weeks has, I think, become bacterial. I’ve had some new symptoms (too gross to mention here). Please pray for recovery.
2. Pray for divine appointments. I’ve had amazingly providential conversations with people from missions agencies, other churches, and testimonies. Without fail, each of these conversations have touched upon areas I’ve been praying about in recent months. Praise God!
3. Pray for my walk with God to grow through this.
4. Pray for my family and home church.

Thanks for reading.

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2 Comments on "Lausanne Day 1 – Table Groups & Opening Celebration"

  1. Didier
    17/10/2010 at 9:55 pm Permalink

    hey dude,

    praying for you bro. I don’t know what you’re doing over in South Africa, and I don’t know what you’re personally going through. You’re in my prayers.

    I sent you an e-mail earlier but I’m assuming you’re not going to read it until you get back. We’ll have to catch up some time.

  2. e
    18/10/2010 at 5:49 pm Permalink

    D, thanks for comment. I’m in South Africa for the Cape Town 2010 Lausanne Congress on World Evangelism. You can read more if you like in my previous post. Thanks for the prayers. Yeah, let’s catch up when I get back, Lord willing.

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