quickly, quickly.

A couple of conversations around here has made me think about a few things: (1) how quickly the days slip by, (2) how quickly my family is growing/aging, (3) how technology moves faster than both.

Conversation A:
By accident, O kicks over my old tower PC.
E: Hey! Don’t knock over that computer!
O: That’s not a computer. That’s a big boxy thing.
The kid has only used laptops and Mac Minis.

Conversation B:
While I’m making dinner, Evan is looking at something behind me.
Evan: Verizon? What IS this!?
K (turning around): It’s a phonebook! You’re supposed to use it to find phone numbers.
Evan (a bit confused): Oh.

At church, we’ve been in a series on the theology of aging. That’s just a fancy way to say we’re learning what the Bible has to say about growing old. E, as the preacher, may disagree with my lack of subtlety but that’s how I see it. Thinking about aging does teach us to “number our days.” It’s a good thing–really!

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2 Comments on "quickly, quickly."

  1. Elijah
    03/02/2010 at 7:00 pm Permalink

    Evan should remember the conversation I had with him about the origins of “sounding like a broken record” since I actually showed him a vinyl record when I was explaining it to him over Christmas in 2008. You should ask!

  2. k
    12/02/2010 at 11:11 am Permalink

    Hey Elijah. I actually remember that conversation. I think he was a little befuddled about that conversation too. (You mean music doesn’t come from iTunes?)

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