The past month has been quite a drastic change. The beginning of a new school year is just as much work for me as it is for the kids. With all the things that are going on, (school events, Cub Scouts, packing lunches, shuttling from place to place, my womens’ bible study, appointments with people, errands, laundry) I decided that I really need to have time to step back from it all. E has graciously given me Monday mornings (and a Starbucks card) to do just that.

At first, I thought the time would be for my Bible study homework. The problem was even though I was away from the distractions of home, I would sit down and my mind would be swimming with worries and to-do lists. I had to slow down and begin with journaling/prayer and reflection. It’s an hour of my precious morning but truly time well spent. I leave that time refreshed and re-focused. A couple Mondays ago, God was nudging me about how I ought to use my time. I’m in the process of making those changes. One of those things is a slightly new direction for TurtleStar. (Yes, God speaks to me about crafting too! Hope to update on that soon.) Another is making room in my schedule (and heart) for the people I see everyday in my community.

This hour makes the rest of week so much better. It’s probably not because God is helping me out or rewarding me for the time spent. More likely, it’s because I’m doing what He wanted me to do in the first place. Much better.

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